Privacy are of course following the guidelines of GDPR protecting your personal data in any way possible. We have always done that – GDPR doesn’t make a difference.

What Personal Data are Colleted?

The personal data we process is name, e-mail address, address and telephone number. We also collect your IP when you sign up, sign in and make a purchase, so we can detect fraudulent behaviour. We do not process any more of your data than necessary for us to be able to ship your products (due to Swedish law we must store information of all sales a certain numbers of years), and send information linked to our business.
We will never share or copy any personal data to any third party.

While you are in the payment process any data you send then (for example credit card numbers or account numbers) are sent directly to the payment processor, which currently is either Billmate, PayPal or Coingate. We don’t handle that.

How Long are Personal Data Stored?

We don’t store personal data longer than needed. As long as you have an account with us your data is saved, but if you close your account we will delete all your personal data within 60 days. We don’t delete them immediately so we can reactivate your account if you close it by accident.

Do you have further questions? Just contact our support!