Nicepixel 2018 Awards - Results

The 2018 Awards was concluded on 2019-04-21 at Revision demo party. Welcome back with your pixel art for the 2019 edition!

The presentation is available to watch here:
(original video)
(live stream including chat comments)

Congratulations to Carrion for winning Best Logo with “Bonzai logo“. (year: 2018, size: 800/400 interlaced x 200 pixels, palette: 16 colours, platform: C64 multicolor)

“This is the logo used in Unboxed – a demo by Bonzai in 2018 that took 2nd place at X2018.
The logo is almost 3 screens wide and made in Commodore’s multicolor native format with all color restrictions – ofcoz.

I wanted to do a graffiti style logo for long time and this felt like a good idea. The logo (letter O to be specific) releases to a demo part of spinning ball. The picture consists of boxes (because of the demo theme) and a mandatory Bonzai tree. Hope you like it.”

Voting Results  
pos. artist title points
1 Carrion Bonzai logo 35
2 Facet Genesis Project logo 34
3 optic Planet Jazz 22
4 Koyot1222 Tanglewood logo 18
5 Koyot1222 Highway Sprint 13

Congratulations to Facet for winning Best 8-bit Computer Graphics with “Space Invaders“. (year: 2018, size: 320/160 interlaced x 200 pixels, palette: 16 colours, platform: C64 multicolor).

“One of the first games I played on the Atari 2600 when I was a little boy – the epic game Space Invaders. Therefore I really loved doing this picture on the C64.”

Voting Results  
pos. artist title points
1 Facet Space Invaders 32
2 Duce A mature amateur 29
3 SnugBoat Meat Candy 25
4 Archmage Dead Sun 23
5 redcrab Ernie [C64 petscii] 10
6 svoy Transformation 10
7 Beb Onescreen Colonies 9
8 Rahow Purplebird [Amstrad cpc] 8
9 Yahring Virus lpq-79 [MSX game] 7
10 Carrion Bonzai logo 6
11 Beb Smile! 5
12 Peakreacher Kwalgart [Spectrum ZX] 4
Almighty God AMB portrait [C64 petscii]
Almighty God Arabic face [C64 petscii]
Alta Space Moguls selection round
Facet Star gazer
Yazoo Back on the Route

Congratulations to Cyangmou for winning Best Animated pixel graphics with “Soldier critical“. (year: 2018, size: 500 x 336 pixels, palette: 71 colours, frames: 64, frame rate: 24).

“This animation is a remake of the basic soldier class used in the Fire Emblem game on the Game Boy Advance (Fire Emblem:Rekka no Ken which released in the EU in 2003). Fire Emblem is one of the games which got me interested in Pixel art.
I am also a huge fan of medieval arms and armor (which played in a geat deal in the design process), much more detailed information can be found in the deviantart description.”

Voting Results  
pos. artist title points
1 Cyangmou Soldier critical 44
2 Slynyrd Stardust desert 34
3 @anasabdin Solitude 26
4 Luisa The Japanese Soul Flower [pico-8] 23
5 plat_du_jour pots collection 21
6 Kimberly Weerdmeester Sunset cycling 14
7 Namatnieks Cemetery of the Forgotten 7
8 plat_du_jour u-oka 7
9 plat_du_jour shoe car 5
10 Kimberly Weerdmeester Fisherman beneath the three trees 3
Kimberly Weerdmeester Nightly walk
Koyot1222 Shuttle [walk]
plat_du_jour Demon toybox
plat_du_jour pots collection
Zanorin Paradise jungle

Congratulations to Mrmo Tarius for winning Best Game/Commercial pixel art with “Yestermorrow” mockup. (year: 2018, size: 1920 x 1080 pixels, palette: 186 colours)

Click here to view the full image.

Voting Results  
pos. artist title points
1 Mrmo Tarius Yestermorrow 37
2 slym GBA mockup 34
3 Facet Space Invaders 30
4 Koyot1222 Pong 4K [ingame] 16
5 Facet Star gazer 10
6 Yahring Virus lpq-79 [MSX game] 8
7 Jace Boechler Lucy 8
8 jojo073 Furtum Sacrum [gameover] 7
9 Jace Boechler Hellevator 4
Alta Space Moguls selection round
Facet Space Invaders
jojo073 Furtum Sacrum [portada]
Koyot1222 Pong 4K [title]

Congratulations to Jinn for winning Best Remake with “Rince“. (year: 2018, size: 219 x 196 pixels, palette: 30 colours).

Voting Results  
pos. artist title points
1 Jinn Rince 41
2 Cyangmou Soldier critical 32
3 Gas 13 Incident at Severny 23
4 Zanorin Heart of the forest 17
5 jeremy la raie verte 15
6 Kimberly Weerdmeester Mountain Fishing Under Starry Skies 10
Mango Uka Uka & Aku Aku
RudeThumb Darth Maul

Congratulations to andylittle for winning Best Full Screen Picture with “after humans“. (year: 2018, size: 300 x 294 pixels, palette: 28 colours)

Voting Results  
pos. artist title points
1 andylittle after humans 45
2 Archmage Dead Sun 37
3 Odyn1ec Sister of Mercy 33
4 Namatnieks Dragon's Keep 31
5 Slynyrd A day at the Park 26
6 Duce A mature amateur 25
7 Cyangmou Accursed County 25
8 Facet Space Invaders 23
9 cure Self Portrait at 28 22
10 redcrab Ernie [C64 petscii] 18
11 Facet Oh shit I forgot the dragon 18
12 optic rocketman 15
13 slym magnolia 15
14 kldpxl train station 14
15 plat_du_jour Derelict temple 8
16 Yazoo Back on the Route 8
17 jeremy phosphate of calcium 8
18 Adhy Saka Juhansyah Game Boy DMG 7
19 jojo073 Lechuza 6
@No_MansDream Hey! Listen
Aethrall Spring & Autumn
Almighty God AMB portrait [C64 petscii]
Almighty God Arabic face [C64 petscii]
Almighty God Phantasy Nature
Beb Smile!
Facet Space Invaders
Facet Star gazer
Freadam Abebe Statue of lion of judah
Jace Boechler Schadenfreude
luNix Shoebox
ozan miauwwww me evoke
Pandafox Real-igio
Pandafox Real-igio [4 screens]
plat_du_jour Crimson Goddess
plat_du_jour Floating abbey
plat_du_jour Tower of salvation
slym The Collector
Zanorin PELE

Contributing Artists

@anasabdin, @No_MansDream, Adhy Saka Juhansyah, Aethrall , Almighty God, Alta, andylittle, Archmage, Beb, Carrion, cure, Cyangmou, Duce, Facet, Freadam Abebe, Gas 13, Jace Boechler, Jeremy, Jinn, jojo073, Kimberly Weerdmeester, kldpwl, Krzysztof, Luisa, luNix, Mango, Mrmo Tarius, Namatnieks, Odyn1ec, optic, ozan, Pandafox, Peakreacher, plat_du_jour, Rahow, redcrab, RudeThumb, slym, Slynyrd, SnugBoat, svoy, TURBOGAMMA, Yahring, Yazoo, Zanorin


Lesnik / Altair – music used in the Awards presentation, awesome track!

Joe / Wrath Designs – artist of the theme/title image used for Nicepixel Awards, true C64 masterpiece!

Electric, Made, Joe, Electron, Prowler – jury members of the 2018 edition.

Revision demoparty – hosting the best and biggest scene event.