Triple pack: The Masters of Pixel Art – volume 1, 2 & 3 (incl. eBooks)

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All three books in a discounted package deal!

Some of the best pixel art work ever created on the Amiga and Commodore 64 and other retro 8-bit platforms like the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari XL-XE, Commodore Plus/4 and MSX. Plus the volume 3 featuring contemporary pixel art.

All items arrived safely in the UK today, impressed with the paper quality of both books. ” / Mark G

Loving the books like crazy 😀 ” / Jonathan Nertlinge

I received both volumes in California. The boxes were pretty beat up but they did the job and protected the books. ” / Paul Koerber



All three books in a discounted package deal!
Missed the first books? Now you have the perfect chance to get all three at a lower cost.

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The production of Volume 3 was financed with pre-orders here and with a Kickstarter campaign! No matter if you pre-book your copy here or back the Kickstarter, you will recieve the same extras and stretch goal awards.

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Volume 1 – the “Amiga” book
Volume 1 features images with 5- to 8-bit colour depth. Some of the best pixel art work ever created on the Amiga, but also from the Atari and PC.

Volume 2 – the “c64” book
Volume 2 features images from the Commodore 64, together with pixel art from other “exotic low-end” machines like the Amstrad CPC, ZX Spectrum, Atari XL-XE, Commodore Plus/4 and MSX.

Volume 3 – contemporary pixel art
This book features pictures from the next generation of artists, working and developing the concept of pixel arts. With this book we explore and present the best of the best pixel art today.

The book was announced with this video:

Featured Artists – volume 1
Alex, Alien, Angeldawn, Antony, Archipics, Archmage, Bay Tremore (Duke), Bridgeclaw, Cheetah, Chevron, Cyclone, Das, Darklight, Destop, Devilstar, Electron, Facet, Fade One, Fairfax, Fiver (theunitedstatesofamerica), Fool, GFX-twins, Haplo, Havok, Hof, J.O.E., Jaco, Jamon, Jok, Kris, Lazur, Made, Mazor (Kidlove), Mon, MRK, Mrmo Tarius, Niko, Orhan, Pixie, Prowler, Ra, Rork, Saffron, Slayer, Thor, Titan, Typhoon, Uno, Visualize (Visualice), Walt

Featured Artists – volume 2
AcidT*, Archmage, Beb, Carrion, Clone, Deev, Duce, Electric, Helm, ilesj, iLKke, Jailbird, Joe, Kenët, Leon, Louie64, Made, Mermaid, Mirage, Nero, Odyn1ec, Ooz, Pal, Piesiu, pRof, Prowler, ptoing, Redcrab, rexbeng, Ripek, Sander, SIT, Skurwy, Slayer Grafix, STE, Stone, The Sarge, Twoflower, Valsary, Veto, Wayne Schmidt, Yazoo

Featured Artists – volume 3
8pxl, a3um, andylittle, Archipics, Carrion, Deceiver, Dex, Finlal, Fleja, Fool, Gas 13, 銀親 (Ginoya), Gustavo Viselner, GuttyKreum, Helm, iLKke, いぬのや (inunoya), Jinn, kartonnnyi, Kobi, Koyot1222, Mark Ferrari, Mattias Rotman, Mr Hk, Octavi Navarro, Orange-Magik, Pakowacz, ptoing, Rallfried, Seppuku_Doge, せたも (Setamo), Shilov, Skittle, slym, Slynyrd, Sovan Jedi, Square Boy, thUg (thUg-inc), tomic, Tommi Laurila, vierbit, waneella, Yes I Do.
Final list might change slightly.

Pixel graphics in a stylish artbook
The Masters of Pixel Art presents a selection of the very best pixel artwork and the artists behind it in an exclusive production. A beautiful coffee table book that can be presented along other art- or photo books, helping to show off the real potential of pixel art as well as inspire, impress and inform.

As additional content, many images are presented with background information, comments by the editor and in-depht stories from the artists themselves. The pixel graphics that emerged in the 80’s has inspired and created a sub-cultural era of pixelled art. This is an attempt to capture the style and soul from that period of pioneering and creativity.

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Additional information
Weight 4.8 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 23.6 × 4.5 cm
Book type

Quality hardback cover




150 g silk coated paper


Foil debossing


More than 350 pixel art images per book


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