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The Next Generation

It’s finally in the making — volume 3 will continue the same format and style as the previous books, featuring fresh new pixel art from today’s artists!

The Masters of Pixel Art volume 1 and 2 was both quite focused on the computer platforms and what pixel art was possible to create with those limitations. With volume 3 we wish to explore the next generation of pixel artists at work — using contemporary pixel art styles that does not limit themselves to computer specifications, but rather sets up limits and formats to make the image result exactly in the artist’s vision of retro pixel graphics. Creating the awesome “pixel look”!

Pre-orders are now available!An accompanying Kickstarter campaign will be launched 1st of June pre-orders and Kickstarter backers will receive the same extras & perks

Getting Your Copy

Pre-orders of the Masters of Pixel Art volume 3 are now available, see products above.

In May a Kickstarter campaign will be launched alongside to catch new readers and pixel art fans. As customary for Kickstarter, extras and perks will be offered if certain goals are met, and all such extras will be added to all volume 3 pre-oders made here.

Volume 3 Artists (so far):andylittle, Archipics, Deceiver, Finlal, Fool, Gas 13, Gustavo Viselner, Helm, iLKke, Jinn, Jubilee, Kenze, Kobi, Koyot1222, Mr Hk, Octavi Navarro, Orange-Magik, Ptoing, Sam L Jones, skittle, slym, Slynyrd, Sovan Jedi, Square Boy, thUg, tomic, vierbit

More will come! :-)

Contemporary Pixel Artists

In Volume 3 we are proud to present a wide range of artists active today, working on various platforms pushing out their art through social networks as well as dedicated sites. Without computers setting the limitations, these artist create their own limitations intentionally to achieve the pixel art look.

What methods do they use? What inspires and motivates today’s graphics designers to pick up this beautiful but obsolete visual language of pixel art? Are there links to the old pixel graphics created on 8-bit computers? What limits and rules makes today’s images “pixel art”? The Masters of Pixel Art volume 3 aims to cover as much as possible of the questions above, as well as giving each artist space to write background details and stories to their art work.

The perfect Christmas gift — Deliveries to all pre-orders and backers in time for x-mas!

Free pick-up options available in Sweden and Germany

Work Progress

So far we have started to make an overview layout of the book, puzzeling artists and sections together to fit the content. We are working on content on some artists, while reaching out to more. An announcetro is being created as well as the kickstarter has begun taking shape.

We will continue to update this page as more information and material can be presented!

Alongside the work we try to communicate the news about the book and reaching new readers and customers. Nicepixel is a small company with a small revenue but a big passion for pixel art. If you know a friend who might be interested in the books, or a company, event or similar that would be suitable for us to contact, don’t hesitate to let us know!

We look forward to release another essential book for the pixel art community — knowing the pixel art scene is very much alive and growing!