The 2018 edition of the Nicepixel Awards is now closed.
Thanks to everyone contributing! The results will be announced at Revision 2019, and here on the 24th of April.

The Deal

The Nicepixel Awards was started to honour the previous year of pixel art releases, disregarding any achievements or ranks in other competitions.
This is the chance for all pixel artists out there to get a moment in the spot light! Both newcomers as well as oldskool elite are welcome to enter their work. The more the better, so don’t hesitate to send your best pictures from 2018 and take part in the awards! All participating artists will be credited.


1. Best full screen picture — pictures made to be viewed as stand-alone art, suitable for full screen viewing. This is basically the default category for most pixel art created. Submit here in case you are uncertain.

2. Best game/commercial pixel art — pixel art made for a specific context, such as games or other projects. Be aware that we reserve the right to publish (display) any submitted graphics (both of the winners and others for future Nicepixel Awards references), so make sure that is ok with a possible publisher.

3. Best logo — text logo designs made using pixel art. Logos can contain illustrations, icons and images too, there are no restrictions. There must however be a text clearly displayed.

4. Best animated pixel graphics — shows us those awesome animated images!

5. Best remake — like the name suggest: remakes or remixes of existing art, illustrations, movies, designs or previous pixel art. When submitting, include the original as reference.

6. Best 8-bit computer graphics — Pixel art made with the strict limitations of an original 8-bit platform. Include some proof, such as an EXE-file, screen capture of the graphics running on the platform or similar.

Additional Shout-outs — we will also send out respects to the following categories, out of compo:

  • Best newcomer
  • Most unique pixel art style
  • Honourable mentions

The jury is now hard at work to finalize the results!The result were announced on the 21th of April at Revison 2019 in Germany, presented here and in social medias.


There are some rules that needs to be observed in order to have your picture successfully submitted:

Your pixel art picture …
• must apply to the rules and definition of each category (see description above).
• was finished and/or released in 2018.
• does not use more than 256 unique colours.
• was made as a pixel art* (see description below) image. If questionable, please provide some work stages.

* Pixel Art:
• use a pixel graphics program to create your work.
• only use basic tools, such as put pixel, line, rectangle, circle.
• set the palette yourself.
• do not use any computer aided tools or graphics generators, such as photo conversion, 3D rendering, auto gradient, auto anti-alias, spray can or other special brushes. Keep it basic! 🙂

Submit your entries before the 10th of April

Price money, books, posters and more pixel art jazz will be sent to the winners!


Nicepixel Publications is a small company focusing on pixel art. It was never meant to make huge profits or become a major publishing firm. We strive to put pixel art in the spotlight as a labour of love.
In order to keep doing this work our goal was to at least not loose money on the whole affair, which should hopefully seem reasonable to survive and keep creating books. This is our way of giving back a little to the community — motivating new and active pixel artists to keep creating those amazing images!


1st Prize, “Best full screen picture” — €50 + 1 the master of pixel art book + 2 postcards + 10 bookmarks + prize diploma.

1st Prize, all other categories — €30 + 1 the master of pixel art book + 2 postcards + 10 bookmarks + prize diploma.

2nd Prize, all categories — the Poster Collection + 1 postcard + 5 bookmarks + prize diploma.

3nd Prize, all categories — Postcard + 5 bookmarks + prize diploma.

Everything will be shipped worldwide.