Bookmark set: Volume 2, nr 3/4 (10 pcs)

50 kr

A set of 10 bookmarks featuring images from The Masters of Pixel Art volume 2:

  • Slayer Grafix – “In Another World – Frozen in Time”
  • Duce – “Huhuu”
  • ilesj – “Engage charmode, begin pursuit”
  • Nero – “Planet Green”
  • Veto – “Eye of the Storm”
  • Mirage – “Flower Skulls”
  • Mermaid & Hedning – “EMERGENCY!!!!”
  • Carrion – “Monumental Buddha”
  • Odyn1ec – “Don’t Play with Fire”
  • Piesiu – “Wonderland”

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Each bookmark has a backside with artist name, title, year and other info about the image. The bookmarks is also numbered to keep the collection ordered. Printed on heavy matte paper.

The bookmarks contain details from images featured in The Masters of Pixel Art volume 2, and are part of a set of totally 40 different bookmarks. If you want all 40, please order Bookmarks set: Complete package (40 pcs) or Package: The Complete Kit. If you like to pick certain bookmarks, contact us by email.

Additional information
Weight 0.025 kg
Dimensions 4.5 × 16.9 × 0.2 cm

350 g matte cardboard paper


Full colour image (front side), Monocrome information (back side)


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